SUPER IDEAS on how to use me!

The Superfood Chef has put together a few quick ideas and tips on how to use Superfood Sprinkles on your healthy meals, whether you rub, mix, blend or coat, its so versatile.

Healthy flavour made easy, full of SUPER!

Super Season or Super Spice

Mix with tinned tomatoes to be used as a base for lasagne, Bolognese, chilli, pizza topping, pasta sauce.

Sprinkle and mix through pasta, rice or vegetables for added flavour and seasoning.

Add to oven baked potato wedges, sweet potato fries, butternut squash or oven roasted vegetables with a dash of oil for a tasty coating.

Mix with oil and use as a meat or fish marinade for oven baking, barbecuing and pan-frying.

Sprinkle over salad Advanced for an extra season or spicy kick.

Mix with grated or crumbled cheese and stuff into Portobello mushrooms or peppers and oven bake.

Use as a seasoning right before you eat any meal.

Mix with low fat grated cheese for a tasty grilled cheese on toast.

Sprinkle on top of soups or casseroles.

Protein Boost

Add to smoothie bowls and shakes for a neutral tasting, protein boost.

Mix with banana and egg, to make a healthy pancake mix.

Add to vegetable based dishes for a vegan protein boost.

Simply Blend with any of our flavours to give a protein boost in your healthy recipes.

Super Sweet

Sprinkle on top of porridge or mix with granola.

Use in your healthy home baking recipes.

Sprinkle over chopped fruit.

Mix with peanut butter for a great super nutritious sandwich filler or toast topper.