Enjoy a selection of mouthwatering and deliciously nutritional recipes brought to you by The Superfood Chef.

Quick recipes developed by The Superfood Chef to give you ideas on how to eat well using fresh superfood ingredients. Using our carefully designed Superfood SprinklesTM to flavour, boost and give texture to those fresh Superfoods and recipes you love to use.

You can be the next Superfood Chef by sending in your recipes for us to showcase in the Super6.


Super (Unbaked) Protein Balls

Great balls of Protein. A healthy, quick energy boost packed with protein, a great way to boost your daily protein intake. Full of SUPER!

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Stuffed Spicy Peppers (v)

Colourful, feel-good and easy vegetarian main which doubles as a wholesome side dish perfect with our versatile Super Season and Spice Superfood sprinkles!

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Pepper Crusted Steak

Enjoy an indulgent supper, with a touch of Super ‘je ne sais quoi! This peppery steak with sumptuous side is perfect for a romantic meal for two.

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Cauliflower Pizza (v)

Cauliflower pizzas, perfect for a family night in! Low-carb, versatile… pick your own toppings for a treat everyone will love.

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