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All our Superfood Sprinkles, Super Salt and Power Pepper in one handy pack:

  • Super Spice (15g) – Mouth-watering herb & spice flavour blend
  • Super Season (15g) – Savoury salt & pepper flavour crumb
  • Super Sweet (15g) – Delicious nut, seed & berry flavour crunch
  • Protein Boost (15g) – Quinoa flakes & super seeds
  • Power Pepper (15g)
  • Super Salt (25g)
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Now you can enjoy traditional and exotic herbs and spices with a sprinkle on your amazing fresh superfood meals with our great flavour in one awesome pack.

Superfood Sprinkles

  • Great for flavouring up your healthy meals or clean eating regime
  • Fortify both sweet and savoury foods
  • Adds a flavoursome crunch
  • Enjoyed by thousands of health-conscious people around the world
  • High in the Phytonutrients found in Super Spices
  • Helps provide a diet enriched with minerals and vitamins for well-being

You can use Superfood Sprinkles for seasoning, flavouring and adding a sweet crunch right through from breakfast, to lunch, dinner, tea…in fact who cares what the mealtime is called! Add a bit of Super Spice, Super Sweet or Super Season to your food and it will not only taste better, but it is a mouth-watering way to get the added extra special ingredients into your day!

All our products are made from carefully selected quality ingredients and are vegetarian. Packed in the UK to the highest of standards. High in the phytonutrients found in super herbs, spices and exotic ingredients, we recommend using as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How To Use Me

  • Sprinkle on to salad and vegetables for a vitamin and mineral enriched boost
  • Add to healthy oil for a flavoursome marinade
  • Rub onto meat or fish for a delicious, healthy, crunchy crumb
  • Shake into your favourite recipes for an added nutritional hit

Great for stir frys, casseroles, pizza, BBQs, roasts, steaks and much more.

Pack contains approximately 6 servings of a 25g per serving.

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